Santana Moss says RG3 needs to take more responsibility

I don’t think WR Santana Moss was too pleased with the assertio by QB Robert Griffin that the Philadelphia Eagles “knew what was coming” on offense last Sunday and that’s why the Redskins couldn’t move the ball or score points until the fourth quarter. Moss regards that as excuse-making and unworthy of a leader of an NFL team.

“If we’re going to win games, we need to win games with our guy saying, ‘At the end of the day, I didn’t make a play,’ regardless of if it wasn’t him,” Moss said on the “LaVar and Dukes” show. “And that’s how I feel. Because that’s what we’re out there to do.”

Moss’ comments come after Griffin seemed to take his own sly shot at the failings of the Redskins that resulted in an interception on the team’s final play in Sunday’s 24-16 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles.

“We had a certain concept with running and nobody got open so I was backing up, and in the situation where you get a sack there, it ends the game,” Griffin said Sunday of the team’s last play. “I was trying to throw the ball to the back of the end zone. It didn’t get to where I wanted it to go.” …

Moss didn’t want to hear that from RG3:

“As a leader, you understand that if you’re involved in the situation, whether you’re the receiver, the quarterback, the guys making the tackle, whoever — regardless of the outcome, good or bad, you have to at some point, stand up and say me or I,” Moss said.

“I don’t need to be going back and forth in the media about who didn’t do this and who didn’t do what,” Moss said. “At the end of the day, I was seen with the ball in my hand last, as a quarterback I’m saying, and if it didn’t get done then I’m going to let you know it was me. Whether it was me or not. It was me. And I’m going to get better. And we’re going to get better together.”

It’s tough for Griffin right now. So many of the problems of the Redskins are being dropped on his shoulders right now when he’s not the biggest problem the team has. He’s not even close to the top of that list. The defense is tops. Special teams after that. Then the pass protection. Then the lack of another weapon in the passing game apart from Pierre Garcon and Jordan Reed. Then RG3. But that’s part of the gig. Griffin was worshipped last season and given an enormous amount of credit for the team’s turnaround. He deserved a lot of it. But the job of an NFL starting quarterback comes with a lot of pleasure when you win and a lot of pain when you lose. That’s just how it is. The best NFL quarterbacks learn to take responsibility for the offense, even if they think or know they’re not the real problem. RG3 needs to do the same. The veterans on that team have noticed he doesn’t like to take blame when things go wrong. Moss is sending a signal. Let’s hope RG3 is, uh, receiving, so to speak.