Redskins v. Vikings: Redskins Blow Lead, Lose 34-27


We will update this post throughout the game with quarter by quarter live rolling summary. The Washington Redskins face the Minnesota Vikings in Minnesota on Thursday night football.

1st Quarter: REDSKINS 10 Vikings 7

Redskins smartly open the game kicking away from rookie Cordarelle Patterson. Washington gets a big interception on a deep pass, picked off by Brandon Meriweather. Redskins drive into Minnesota territory with a mix of passing and Alfred Morris. With a flag down inside the 20 yard line, the Redskins draw a pass interference and get a first and goal on the one yard line. Despite a first and goal on the one, Redskins have to settle for three. Chris Baker helps the Vikings out with a 15 yard penalty. Adrian Petersen follows up with an 18 yard rushing TD. Wow, a Redskins kick return that reaches the 20. Redskins facing a third and six and convert on a short pass to Jordan Reed. Griffin hits a nice 29 yard pass to Leonard Hankerson. Alfred Morris picks up a big run to give the Redskins a first and goal at the Vikings 8. Redskins score immediately on a beautiful screen pass to Pierre Garçon. Redskins have to stop Petersen. They can’t let the main weapon beat them.

2nd Quarter: REDSKINS 24 Vikings 14

Another stupid personal foul against the Vikings a first and goal. Second one of the game. Vikings convert with a TD pass from Christian Ponder to Patterson. Bad defense is the name of the game right now for the Redskins. Redskins moving the ball with a mix of Morris and Reed. Redskins move deep into Vikings territory with a beautiful screen and an even more impressive yards after the catch for Garçon. Morris moves the Redskins inside the ten yard line with a nine yard run. On a patient throw, Griffin takes a hit and delivers a TD strike to Jordan Reed. Redskins defense forces a three and out. When will the Josh Morgan punt returner experiment end? Washington moving the ball with the arm of Griffin, just connected 17 yards to Garçon. Griffin connects again with his favorite receiver, garçon, for a first down inside the Vikings 35. Redskins have the ball inside the 10 yard line with 24 seconds in the half. Griffin makes a big run to the Vikings one yard line. Griffin strikes a big TD pas from the one yard line to TE Logan Paulsen.

HALF TIME and Washington leads Minnesota 24-14.

3rd Quarter: REDSKINS 27 Vikings 28

Griffin converts a big pass to Leonard Hankerson for another third down conversion now inside Vikings territory. After a QB sack, Griffin hits a huge third and long to Pierre Garçon for a completion inside the Vikings 25. Redskins fail to convert a third down. Kai Forbath converts a 40 yard field goal. Vikings are driving down the field as the Redskins defense of the first quarter appears to have come out of the locker room. Redskins were once again victimized by just awful defense. Vikings score a TD. Redskins go three and out and have to punt for the first time tonight. Vikings move he ball into the red zone. The Vikings take the lead with a Ponder run to the one yard line. Wow. What crappy defense. On a 1st and 20, Griffin connect with Garçon for 18 yards to end the quarter.

4th Quarter: REDSKINS 27 Vikings 34

Griffin gets sacked two consecutive plays and the Redskins are forced to punt again. Things not looking well with a clear momentum shift. Vikings get outstanding field position at the 48 on an awful punt. Redskins defense stops the Vikings. Vikings add three on a 39 yard field goal. On a third and three, Griffin gets sacked again. This is really pathetic. Redskins forced to punt again. Vikings are taking advantage of Washington’s lack of fundamental tackling skills. Could be close to putting the lights out. This Redskins team should be ashamed of themselves. Redskins finally stop the Vikings and force another field goal. Walsh converts to put the Vikings up by 7. Redskins come out with ball on the 20 and 3:36 left in the game. Griffin keeps the ball and gets the first down and gets out of bounds. Griffin connect to Reed inside the ten yard line. Redskins run to the four yard line. Redskins face third and goal. Down to the last play. Vikings win the football game.