Redskins Thumbs Up Thumbs Down, Beat the Chargers Edition


The Washington Redskins looked like a take of two teams in today’s thrilling 30-24 win over San Diego.  Late in the game, they looked like the Redskins of 2013, collapsing late int he game, and allowing a ten point lead to dissipate within minutes.   In overtime, they looked much like the Redskins of 2012, orchestrating a game winning drive with a healthy balance of run and pass to that eventually led to FB Darrel Young’s third TD and the big win at FEDEX Field.  Of course, not listed below, Washington should also thank the play calling decisions of Mike McCoy and his staff.  Why one would pass two consecutive plays with the ball just six inches from the goal line, is beyond me.  If it is me, I am going QB sneak on first and goal and running on second  and third down, if needed.  But hey, we will take it.  We deserve to have worse play calling happen at FEDEX that is not from the Washington sideline.

So who gets our thumbs ups and thumbs down today?


PIERRE GARCON:  What an outstanding performance by Garcon today.  The Redskins needed a big game from their top receiver and he delivered with a 155 yard performance, his highest yards total since joining Washington.  The Redskins big drive came on the half time kickoff drive.  The drive was highlighted by a stunning 38-yard reception by Garçon, another one handed gem.  It was a critical catch at a critical time, with the score tied and the Redskins facing a 3rd and 12.  Five plays later, Darrel Young would score to give Washington an important 21-14 lead.  Garcon would later make another stunning one-handed grab on a Griffin pass that was behind Garcon.  Garcon is the number one receiver here and played that role quite well today.  Garcon made 7 grabs on 11 targets for 155 yards for an average of 24.6 yards per catch.  A fantastic game for a leader on this team that called out the passing game last week against Denver, saying that Redskins passing attack sucked.  He was right.  However, today, Garcon helped improve that passing game and helped lift the Washington to an important hone win.   Garcon deserves our Thumbs Up.

ALFRED MORRIS:  Darrel Young scored three touchdowns, the first three of his career.  However, don’t forget who put Washington in those positions to score near the goal line.  Alfred Morris had an outstanding game, rushing for 121 yards on 25 carries and added a TD.  He averaged 4.8 yards per carry.  Morris sustained drives for Washington with his bruising style of power running, gaining critical yards after first contact.  Morris ran and looked like the Alfred Morris of 2012.  He may not have scored 3 TDs, but without Morris, the Redskins would not have been in this game.  Morris’ 25 carries was a season high  for him.  Morris deserves a Thumbs Up.

HONORABLE MENTION:  We will give a few of these out.  Honorable mention shoutout to Darrel Young, who scored the first three TDs of his career, in this game.  Kudos to Robert Griffin III, who looked much like the RG3 of last season.  Griffin completed 71.2% of his passes, connecting on 23 of 32 passes for 291 yards.  He only rushed 6 times for 17 yards today.  Griffin led the Redskins with his arm, which is exactly what Redskins fans want to see.  Kudos to WR Leonard Hankerson.  He is still trying to grasp the second receiver slot, and took a leap today, catching 5 passes on 6 targets.  Hankerson caught 55 yards including two critical first downs.  Finally, kudos to DT Barry Cofield, who once again played aggressively in the middle, helping stamp down the San Diego rush and levied two QB hits on Phillip Rivers.


SPECIAL TEAMS:  Horrific again.  We may just keep this unit as a permanent position on Thumbs Down.  How Keith Burns keeps his job week to week is simply mystifying.  This unit is awful, every single aspect of it.  Today, the coverage units gave up no big returns.  Stunning.  Today, it was the field goal unit.  It is like they wanted to compete with coverage to see which is the worst component under Burns.  Two field goals blocked.  This from a team that had not blocked a field goal in 11 years.  It happens twice in DC today.  The return game is just as anemic.  Josh Morgan is awful at returns.  Please stop that.  He is even worse at punt returns.  At this point, just put Santana Moss back there for the season.  Oh, and fire Burns.

LONDON FLETCHER:  Fletcher was absolutely horrendous in pass coverage today.  Sure, he had a game high 13 tackles, but that is because San Diego knew where to go with the football.  Fletcher is clearly having one of the worst seasons he has had in Washington.  Today was no different.