Redskins Select CB Kendall Fuller in 3rd Round of NFL Draft

The Washington Redskins selected cornerback Kendall Fuller in the third round of the 2016 NFL Draft. He was the 84th overall pick in the draft.

Fuller, who played his college ball at Virginia Tech, is a gambling, playmaking defensive back who will be the fourth member of his family to play in the NFL. His brother Vincent played safety for seven years in the NFL and Kyle is a cornerback for Chicago. Corey Fuller is a reserve wide receiver for the Detroit Lions. Like Kendall, the three older Fuller brothers played their college ball at Virginia Tech.

Fuller started 12 games in Bud Foster’s defense as a true freshman, intercepting six passes and earning freshman conference honors. Fuller played through a fractured write in 2014 and was injured again in the 2015 preseason, tearing the meniscus in his right knee. Fuller tried to play through the injury, but called it quits after three games. He decided not to return to school after legendary head coach Frank Beamer retired after the 2015 season.

Fuller has the sort of cocky swagger teams love in a cornerback and he has quick feet and instincts to anticipate quarterbacks and make plays on the ball while it is in the air. Fuller is strong in the short and intermediate passing game, but takes a lot of risks and gets burned deep too frequently. He did defend 34 passes and intercept eight more in 2013 and 2014 combined.

Fuller can play well in press coverage and Tampa-2 style defenses and is willing to play physically against receivers down the field. He’s also a steady tackler who does not shy from contact.


  • Love the pick. Redskins are building a arsenal at two critical positions, WR and secondary. Nicely done.

  • Norman, Breeland, fuller, Blackmon, culliver,,Dunbar, toler. I think GMSM is tired of being thrown on. Fullers pick tells me Culliver is a cap cut.

  • I love this pick. If he hadn’t had microfracture surgery on his knee, the dude would’ve been a top 15 pick imo. Norman, Breeland, Fuller, Dunbar and maybe Cully if he gets healthy will likely be our CB’s. Not sure Toler makes the team tbh.

    I hear Blackmon and Everette are being looked at to make the move to FS. Makes sense imo, Blackmon struggled at times in coverage last year but performed well for an off the street FA. I think he’d be much better at FS, where he can keep the plays in front of him and use his ball hawking ability. I actually think he might be a better fit there than Hall.

    Hall did ok but seems to have lost a step or two since the achilles injury and I doubt hes in the teams plans beyond this season. Cully also played some FS in college and probably wont be ready to open the year, but maybe he’s the long term answer there and is younger than Hall and Blackmon at just 27.

    Either way my point is, even if we don’t land a deep CF type S in this draft, we have in house options and would still have ample depth at CB. Much like the Doctson pick, I think this pick was made with an eye towards 17.

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