Nats to sell naming rights to Nationals Park

The Washington Nationals are joining the rest of the professional sports world and putting the naming rights of Nationals Park up for sale.  The franchise has reached out to Major League Baseball’s Advanced Media Group to begin the process.  The time is right for the Nationals as they look to continue to grow team revenues to keep the Nationals on a competitive basis.

“We’re always interested to put a competitive product on the field, finding ways to do that, and growing revenue is part of that,” Nationals Chief Revenue and Marketing Officer Valerie Camillo said. “This is a major revenue opportunity that was untapped by the team, when you look at overall picture of revenue growth potential.”

The Nationals are only one of ten teams that currently does not have a stadium advertising naming right.  The Nationals would join the path of the other two Washington DC pro sports venues that have naming rights.  The Washington Redskins current stadium has an ongoing naming rights deal with FedEx, FedEx Field.  The Capitals and Wizards play at the Verizon Center.