Doug Williams would consider post with Redskins

Former Washington Redskins quarterback, the MVP of Super Bowl XXII, Doug Williams, says he would not rule out a job in the front office of the Redskins.

Williams previously worked for current Redskins General Manger Bruce Allen in Tampa Bay for the Buccaneers and was offered a job in Washington. However, Williams declined the Washington job, preferring to return to coach Grambling, the college team he played for.

“Originally I was headed up here to work with the Redskins before I went to Grambling,” Williams said Sunday at FedEx Field, where he was among the former players honored by the team. “But you never know what’s gonna happen. At this time, the middle of the season, that ain’t something you concentrate on. The most important thing is for them to play well the rest of the season.  And after the season’s over and things like that, then you see what your next step is.”

I think almost any Redskins fan would welcome the prospect of Doug Williams returning to Washington — the city that loves him — and the Redskins, where he wrote himself into the record and history books. Williams was director of pro scouting in Tampa Bay. He may find a similar or identical role in Washington. Allen has already offered Williams a job in Washington once. Why not again?